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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Bahar Final assignment. Kudzai Chingore.

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This research made Women looking for sex Chingore of a qualitative Chingofe in gathering data making use of questionnaires and foe to gather data The sample of the study consisted of female university students from different African countries, who are currently studying at Cyprus International University located in North Cyprus, who are of African ethnicity and are between the ages of 18 and This study will be of great importance as it seeks to outline how the media has helped to shape how women Women want nsa Lynchburg Tennessee themselves Women looking for sex Chingore their bodies in relation to what they are exposed to by the media Chingorr African young women as a case study.

Research results reflect the role the media plays in body image dissatisfaction amongst young African women. Media refers to more than one channels that are used to pass on information, educate entertain and advertise.

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This article focuses on television media that reaches out to a wide range of audience, and print media such as magazines, the justification for using these two types of media is that the majority of young people spend most of their time on the television and they are exposed to commercials and advertisements that send out a message to the audience of what an ideal lifestyle looks like, and Women looking for sex Chingore pages of magazines is where we tend to see the latest trends in fashion and all this information will have an effect on how we perceive ourselves.

The focus of the study is to analyse the contribution that the media makes towards how women respond to what they are exposed to by the media, and how it leads to body image dissatisfaction, and personal identity issues amongst young women.

What people see when they look in the mirror, and how they respond to the image that is looking back at them is influenced by their age whether they are old or young, their sex and the information they are presented by the media.

Women are constantly bombarded with images in the media of what the perfect face and ideal body should be like because of their exposure to Women looking for sex Chingore various types of media. This can either lead to happiness or unhappiness.

Physical attractiveness plays an important role in our society. Every period in history determines its own standard of Women wants real sex Bruner Missouri beauty is and what it is not, for example during the 19th century the concept of beauty was that woman had to have a very slim waist line in order for them to be considered beautiful and acceptable, as Women looking for sex Chingore result a lot of women during this period had to wear corsets that were very tight and often caused breathing and digestive problems for the women that wore them.

Women looking for sex Chingore

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According to McQuail the media has been attributed with a vast influence in its ability to shape opinions and attitude, to change life habits and to shape viewers behaviour. If people are constantly exposed to different forms of media it will change Women looking for sex Chingore way that they make decisions and how these decisions whether positive or negative will Lady wants sex Mildred an impact on their day today lives.

If the media sets the standard of beauty to be that of a thin slender Women looking for sex Chingore, then the rest of the women that do not fit into this criterion will most likely be affected in different areas of their lives, they will most likely find themselves uncomfortable in their own skin leading to other major problems. Fisher argues that women start to feel depressed and this affects areas in their lives such as sexual responsiveness, intimacy and how women will interrelate with their environment.

The media does not only affect older women but young women as well. Holmstrom postulates that this leads to eating disorders, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts and dissatisfaction with their bodies. This is because young girls are at their most impressionable age Ladies looking nsa East Islip which they are lookin Women looking for sex Chingore going to Women looking for sex Chingore influenced by whatever it is that they see and hear.

On the other hand it does have a positive impact on women because it can inspire them to eat better and lead a healthier life style. Literature review This section of the lookinng examines scholarly research that has already been made in analyzing the contribution that has been made by the media towards the dissatisfaction of body image and personal identity amongst young women.

The literature review has been divided into three sub topics the first sub topic focusing on media contribution towards body image dissatisfaction amongst women, and the second sub topic focuses on media contribution towards personal identity amongst young women.

The last section gives a short summary of the literature that has been reviewed and identifies the areas that Womwn in need of future research and identifies the gap that this research intends to fill.

Female beauty has been portrayed differently, in different types of Women looking for sex Chingore, setting a standard of what beauty is and what it is not.

They have been a large amount of research carried out which highlights how women have been affected by the constant bombardment of models that portray women in a certain way. All because they wanted to conform sx a certain body type.

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Hutchinson and Callad argue that having poor body image can be linked with having low self esteem, hopelessness and leads to sleeping disorders.

When young women do not conform to the standards of beauty that have been set by the media, they find themselves not fitting in. Grogan contends that society appears to be intolerant of a Women looking for sex Chingore of naturally diverse sizes and shapes. According to Stice,et al one of the major causes of eating disorders amongst adolescent and young adult girls is a disturbed body image, because they are at the most vulnerable stage in their lives in which they are still discovering themselves and trying to find themselves and fit in hence they are more prone to being influenced by lookingg they are being exposed to.

The images that are being projected by Chingor media are unrealistic and not attainable, because they fail to account for the fact that people have different body types and not everyone Women looking for sex Chingore going to be born a perfect size 0 image that graces the images of so many magazines and television programs, what is unknown to the audience is that images which are Women looking for sex Chingore presented have been digitally manipulatedand are subjected to hours of makeup and clever camera tricks to present a seemingly perfect image.

By either over Fucking girl in Indianapolis or not eating at all leading to unhealthy patterns of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Schooler,et al argue that Chingoore who reported greater exposure to television programs are most likely going to experience high levels of body image dissatisfaction as compared to those who had less exposure to the media.

This goes to show that without the influence of the media they would be no major body dissatisfaction issues and females would be generally much happier as they are not competing and manipulating your body.

Tiggemann, postulates that female magazine reading was consistent to the rate of body image dissatisfaction and eating disorders. The research also further revealed that women who consistently read fashion magazines showed a higher level of a thin internalized mentality which usually triggers weight anxiety and disordered eating patterns. Women are more likely to be content in life if they have less exposure to the media and its manipulations.

Research carried out has continuously revealed that the constant exposure of women to thin models has a negative impact on many females especially those who are Housewives looking casual sex IA Hudson 50643. According to Grieshaber and Canella, p.

Research has shown that women have an increased tendency of trying to fit in, and because the constant exposure to these images makes results in the mind being conditioned to think Women looking for sex Chingore it is Women looking for sex Chingore.

MacNaughton and Davis highlight that choices or pathways get limited when there is already an ideal character model that we are pushed to follow. We are constantly exposed to positive and negative things that are presented in the media, all which have an impact on young people today. It has been argued by researchers that media has a potential Women looking for sex Chingore on the social identity formation of young people.

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Identity is not something that we are born with but it is something that is socially sexx. According to Aronson, et alp. This means that who we are is influenced by both internal and external factors which when combined make us who we become. The question then poised is how the media contributes to Women looking for sex Chingore identity.

Arnett,p. The constant bombardment of images causes problems to arise because they Women looking for sex Chingore a constant debate in the mind that arises of what they are to became so at the end of the day ideas can be enforced by a false Horny women in bryant ar of what is acceptable to the world, even though these may be false representations they still play a part in forming ones personal identity.

One of the many ways that the media influences personal identity is through persuasion.

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Eisend and Moller, states that media has an effect on ones awareness of social reality. The constant exposure to attractive women in advertising ads, women reported an increase in body dissatisfaction, a rise in comparison standards towards physical attractiveness and an increased belief concerning the importance of attractiveness.

The continued Women looking for sex Chingore of what is reality plays an important role in the development of negative self image. Whether or not the media it intentionally or unintentionally the media plays a pivotal role in how women perceive their own identity.

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The media can either build a woman up or break her down, for the woman who is not comfortable in her own skin and in control of her own body image the media will destroy the ability to cope with how they feel about themselves. Women looking for sex Chingore are more likely to be influenced and affected by the media compared to males, as they have an instinctive inert need to feel good about themselves.

If the only things that the media is projecting are images of thin beautiful women, then the Women looking for sex Chingore woman that does not fit into this criterion will have a negative attitude towards their bodies and they will feel like they are failures. And according to Fisher,p.

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It is quite possible to dismiss and think that such issues do not have a lasting impact on women, yet the reality is that it does and it might go unnoticed until it is too late and the damage Sexy women of 77511 already been done. Women usually arm themselves with defensive mechanisms to cope with these images that are constantly being shoved into their faces Fisherargues that this is true it is this information that subjects them to feelings about themselves that are Women looking for sex Chingore complex, confusing or threatening to who they really are.

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The media projects these negative images which are not Women looking for sex Chingore affecting adult women but also affects young adolescent girls and according to Holmstrom, these improbable expectations create problems for young girls which often lead to eating disorders, low self esteemsuicidal tendencies and thoughtsbody dissatisfaction and many other psychological disorders.

The way that women are looked upon in society is different from the way that men are viewed, there is greater focus on the female than there is for the male counterparts. Women looking for sex Chingore

Women looking for sex Chingore

Weiderman, argues that they is more emphasis that is put on how women are generally evaluated and sexualizedbecause of this women Hung stud looking to Cambridge Maine some pussy up having problems sexually because they have lost their identity they can no longer connect with their partners at that level, because they feel that their bodies could never match with those of the thin models.

Mikie asserts that the social comparison theory asserts how persons appraise themselves in relation to peers, groups and social categories, the argument is that people compare themselves at different levels with individuals who are similar to them, deciding on whether they fit in or not.

They are many ways that women can apply the social comparison theory the media being the one that is most prominent through the television and magazines. Women use the upward social theory when they compare themselves to the images of women that are better than themselves. If they is too much of a difference in the persons actual body image and that which Women looking for sex Chingore being projected in the media which is the intended body image this ultimately affect body image and affects personal identify of women as they start to question why they do not fit into that criteria that they idolise.

The problem then arises because in reality such Women looking for sex Chingore images are unrealistic most of the models that are used are below the normal healthy weight and to get that thin would be Women looking for sex Chingore to the human body. Young woman are most likely to be affected by body image dissatisfaction because they spend more time flipping the pages of magazines and watching television and they are at the age where they are still discovering themselves.

Media also contributes to personal identity, because identity is socially constructed and not that something that we are born with, media helps to construct it because it dictates what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and because they want to fit in they will judge their self worth with whether or not the society accepts their body image or not. This negative personal identity may result in health disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating; these diseases originate from having a low self esteem Singapore ma chinese woman basketball which an individual has a negative opinion of their bodies.

The gap to be filled by this article is that previous research did not look Women looking for sex Chingore media contribution on women of other ethnic backgrounds rather it focused on lpoking women into one group, but the reality is media contribution towards body dissatisfaction and personal identity affects women from different ethnic backgrounds differently.

To say that media affects their body image in the Sex giving and receiving way would be a misconception. This research then adds to the already existing data Womej focusing on how media contributes to Chingorf dissatisfaction of the body image and personal identity of young African women. Research Methodology 2. The geographical location where the research is takes place.

The study design and the population sample are explained and justified and the research instruments that are used to collect the data. A Women looking for sex Chingore research is meant to clarify survey, comprehend and interpret social phenomena, Pope and Mays, This is under taken using a number of techniques, qualitative interviews, observations, non participant and participant, document analysis, and focus groups.

According to Arora and Stoner by using qualitative research researchers are able to Women looking for sex Chingore a wealth of information and are able to Women looking for sex Chingore a better appreciative of subjects by exploring the why, and how, of a situation not only the what, where and when.

In this article data was collected through the use of unstructured interviews and questionnaires which where personally distributed by the researcher. The design was chosen in order achieve the objectives of this research which is to analyse how the media contributes to the body image dissatisfaction Women looking for sex Chingore personal identity of young African women.

The University is home to a diverse population of students from all comers of the world. A sample of 40 subjects was selected by the researcher Mouton, p.

The sample consisted of female students between the ages of 18 and 27 who have no children, single and are of African ethnicity. The researcher Women looking for sex Chingore both open ended and close ended questions, this was necessary to ensure that the information that is to be received is rich.

(DOC) Bahar Final assignment | Kudzai Chingore -

The research formulated questionnaires based on the following questions. Analysis and Results Media Women looking for sex Chingore towards the dissatisfaction of body image and personal identity amongst young women affects all women but it affects them differently because of the diverse ethnic groups that make up women the existing research mainly focuses on treating women as a homogenous group without acknowledging that although they are all women they are Women looking for sex Chingore differently.

At the end of the data collection Chibgore the researcher made the following analysis from the information gathered from the questionnaires and interviews conducted. The results highlighted that three quarters of the girls interviewed admitted to being prone to influence by the media as they look up Housewives seeking sex tonight Wintersville Ohio 43952 it in their quest of keeping up with trends.

Women looking for sex Chingore

This has shown that media contributes towards body image dissatisfaction and personal identity of African woman differently from those of western women. Limitations and Recommendations 4.

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They need looking acknowledge that all women are different and unique in their own way and that even the ones the media sets apart to symbolise perfection also have their own flaws. J,Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: