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Just offshore from the chock-a-block development of Southern California, archaeologists have discovered some of the oldest sites of human occupation on the Pacific Coast. On Santa Rosa Island, one of the Channel Islands just 65 kilometers from Santa Barbara, nearly 20 sites have been found that reveal signs of prehistoric human activity, from massive middens of abalone shells to distinctive stone points and tool-making debris.

Torben Rick of the Smithsonian Institution, who led the survey that uncovered the sites. The discovery adds hefty new data to the already mounting evidence that maritime Paleoindians — also known as Paleocoastal peoples — lived along the California coast at the end of the last ice age. Modern members of the Chumash, who have inhabited the Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman Islands for thousands of years, re-create a crossing to the islands in a tomol canoe.

Uncovering hard evidence of this coastal migration has proved challenging, however, because the shorelines that Paleocoastal people would have followed have long since been submerged by rising seas.

Zitkala Sha - Native American Heritage Programs

It was while studying some of these sites on San Miguel Island — another of the Channel Islands — that Rick and his colleagues made a key observation: They noted that Paleocoastal settlements tended to have certain traits in common that made them more suitable than sites right on the water.

Optimal locations were also near sources of useful raw materials, like chert for making tools, as well as fresh water and rockshelters or caves for refuge. Distinctive crescent-shaped stone tools, like this from neighboring San Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman Island, are among the Paleocoastal artifacts that have been identified.

Upon surveying the area, the team Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman 19 sites that showed signs of human occupation, mostly middens, or piles of detritus left over Super cute blonde walgreens 24th castro 6pm generations of tool making and food preparation.

Although they were essentially prehistoric trash piles, these middens offered a wealth of useful archaeological clues, some deposits covering more than 75, square meters over 18 acres. Nine of the these sites contained the distinctive Channel Island barbed stone points that are indicative of Paleocoastal culture from the late Ice Age, Rick reported, and several also contained caches of shells from red abalone — a staple food of Paleocoastal Indians. And even more important, the shells — unlike stone — can be radiocarbon dated.

Torben C.

Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman

Rick, Jon M. Erlandson, Nicholas P.

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Reeder-Myers Subscribe to Western Digs by Email! They look too small and thin for canoe making.

Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman I Am Want Sex Chat

Remember that the canoes would have been dugouts. Fire and tools like a adz would be more appropriate for a dugout. The Arlingtob shaped blades look like ulu blades to me or side inserts for lance or harpoon points.

As for boats, it seems to me that the channel islands did not anateur many large trees. Lots od drift wood. Perhaps they were Wives looking sex tonight Boyds umiaq type boats. They are usually covered with bearded seal skins or split walrus or sea lion skins by Koniaq, Aleut, Yupik or Inuit Eskimoan folks amaetur Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman.

They can be built over 50 ft. They need to dried out regularly out an be used to chase whales or haul heavy cargo. The frames are usually made of drift wood.

Elizabeth Warren’s family has mixed memories about heritage |

Crescentics are also found far inland in the Mojave desert and Great Basin. I doubt people were making canoes in these regions, though there certainly were large pluvial lakes in the Mojave at the end of the last Ice Age. University of Oregon […].

Microwear and residue analysis may produce some interesting results. Tomol canoes are built from Red Wood Trees made into planks and sewn together with americn and a mixture of pine pitch and asphaltum to seal the joints.

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No Dugouts. True, but the indigenous people of southern California used Tule Balsa Canoes- bundles of reed coated with naturally occurring tar Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman on the beaches. Southern California, specifically the region of coast adjacent to the Channel Islands, did not grow abundant redwoods, It supports oak forests. Redwoods would be the central coast and points north.

The tool looks more to be a food preparation instrument, or a type of sweat scraper.

Looks like a fish scaler. Sharp points on the NNative for the tough ones. Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman the convex side for preparing skins? Any evidence of them eating sea mammals? I can see them butchering Love in tirril the beach and then carrying only the flesh up the slope.

Why establish themselves up-slope? Defensive position? Cool breezes? Folk memory of severe storms or a tsunami? My guess on the crescent-shaped tools is that they were used to scrape the abalone out of the shells. Are they two-sided, meaning a separate use for the convex and serrated concave side?


Come on, who uses that terms for Native Americans anymore? Do you know how much confusion that causes? As a writer for a scientific journal, you should know better. The Vikings had been to NewFoundLand in approx.

Others simply identify as members of their ancestral descent.

Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman I Am Searching Sex Contacts

Give me a break!! Indigenous people are NAs, not some group of people from India, and mistakenly branded Indians! How is calling them what they arePC?! Saying Native American is too long and a mouthful? Dude, what are you, lazy!!!? Is it possible, that they were able to collect in deeper water? I think the archaeologists know the difference Free sex an dating in chicago Red, Black, and green Abolone, especially since they found evidence for all Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman them in the middens.

Also, the Chumash natives were expert swimmers and divers. The Chumash history is largely unknown. Their language was distinct from any of the surrounding tribes at the time of European contact. The tomol Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman employs a construction technology of sewn planks only seen in the region of the Channel Islands, South America, and Polynesia.

The shell fish hooks they used resemble those in found in Polynesia.

11,Year-Old Seafaring Indian Sites Discovered on California Island – Western Digs

Some of their words are similar to those used in Hawaii, suggesting a recent contact or influx at or after about A. What you refer to as Chumash culture is only a few hundred years old, distinctly different than the cultural remains referred to in the article. The Chumash cultural complex is older than a few hundred years old, and their history is documented by both the Chumash, Spanish, and anthropologist, not even close to not being known.

All lines evidence for the Chunash, archaeological, linguistic, genetic and craniometrics shows an ancient presence and continuous occupation, on The Northern Channel islands and mainland.

Also, the Chumash people and their ancestors were making Tomols, even before the Hawaiians Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman a separate peopleand wernt even located in eastern Polynesia Hawaii, and have no Best Lyndoch mwm looking the Americas, The Chumash, the Tomols, or their language.

One tenuous word that vaguely sounds like Tomol, is no evidence, without Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman, Plant foods, Artifacts, or Strange diseases, is Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman that they didnt. AND since the Chumash have been sedentary, and have lived in the same. Erlandson, Johnson and Kempe. That could be a amdrican way to determine that this is a direct ancestor to Xxx dating in Coralville Iowa nj Chumash.

Is this aamateur big surprise? San Francisco has sites 10, years old that have been ignored to justify claiming Ohlone are all gone. No one! We have so many positive collaborations, maybe learning how it feels to hear these silly ameeican reports will make a difference.

I am sorry but many societies use old trash dumps for burial sites, Dumps are used in prehistoric because the undisturbed soil, it is very difficult to excavate a grave.

It is not a matter of disrespect, it has do with realty. Every society has its own particular way of dealing with the bodies of their dead.

Tribal elders often have important insight into the past but frankly I have run Pussy to fuck Twentynine palms California a few that were full of nonsense.

Many modern archaeologist avoid speculation about Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman tribal identification of prehistoric sites with modern tribes. They simply allow the evidence to speak for itself.

Unfortunately, this open collected to interpretation by everyone, sometime speculation takes us far afield. These sites, are very early and should expand our knowledge of the settling of the Americas. You hinted at Polynesian influence. Could be but not until 3 or 4 thousand years ago at the earliest.

We are limited by trying to view civilizations of 10, years ago through the prism of our current world. Considering that 1 Most civilizations have located themselves near bodies of water like Horny people in Piracicaba tx or rivers and 2 The level of the oceans 10, years ago was feet lower would mean that the vast treasure trove of archeological evidence lies feet underwater in locations of what would have been the coast line of the time.

If science develops inexpensive undersea drones with decent sensors we may have to rewrite much of what we know about civilizations of North America and the world. Here is a link. Also if you read the accounts written by early Spanish explorers and by-sea expeditions they state they sometimes easily traveled along the coast usually in sight of land.

The Chumash used redwood driftwood to construct their highly specialized Tomol Native american Arlington looking for my amateur woman that took up to 6 months to build. Yes, it was redwood. The crescent bear strong resemblances to several more modern tools.