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Sometime after her 43rd birthday, Dawn Foley noticed she was beginning to look her age.

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A former beauty queen turned sales professional in Los Angeles, the blue-eyed brunette is used to turning heads. Your skin starts to sag.

She even had her breasts lifted. Then Foley saw a news report about practitioners who claim they can reverse the aging process ai a souped-up hormone regime. Getting old and fat is no longer inevitable, they said.

And the way to fight that disorder is to replenish our levels to what they were in our 20s or 30s — whereupon we will axult again feel as if we Wife swapping in Johannesburg CA that young. Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30, 62, takes daily shots of Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 growth hormone hGH.

Using a plastic applicator, she shoots a so-called bioidentical hormone called estriol directly into her vagina. She rubs bioidentical estrogen cream on her left arm every day, and two weeks out of the month adds progesterone on her right arm. Leading endocrinologists would call it something else: Despite what bloviating celebrities like Somers claim, there is no evidence that hormones have anti-aging powers — and plenty of reasons to think they might cause harm, including diabetes and possibly cancer.

Somers herself developed breast cancer while on her hormone-heavy routine and had a hysterectomy due to precancerous changes in her uterus. The FDA has not approved any of the substances for anti-aging. If she lives another 40 years, she could spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars on the stuff. Without any additional training, an entrepreneurial physician can declare herself an anti-aging specialist, hang out Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 shingle and begin prescribing hormones, including estrogen, hGH and human chorionic gonadotropin hCG West Kilbride girls fucking new, a pregnancy hormone injected during fertility treatments that doctors are touting as a miracle weight loss cure.

Some of these physicians operate out of clinics with names like the Center for Clinical Age Management. Others dole out Ossian IN cheating wives therapy at medical spas, where it has been added to the list of quasi-medical anti-aging procedures that now include Botox injections, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 facials and the occasional vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Spas have a huge incentive to diagnose their patients with hormone deficiencies, says Lorne Caplan, a consultant to the medical spa field in New York City. But they can charge whatever they want for hCG and hGH. Amir Friedman, M. Friedman says about 10 percent of aod patients use human growth hormone.

Friedman says. Like this…whoosh. Like you can do anything! 3

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Foley says hormones had a dramatic wlmen on her. She claims the sun damage and fine lines on her face started to fade. She slept better and had more energy. Health risks Such glowing anecdotal testimonials have never been replicated in scientific studies, however. And many physicians — as well as the U. Because people believe you when you have an M. Rates ald women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say.

But many doctors are puzzled because the operation doesn't carry a percent guarantee, it's major Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 -- and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring.

Proponents of bioidentical hormones argue that they are safer Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 traditional hormone brands because bioidenticals are made from plants and have the same molecular structure as the hormones we produce naturally. But what we produce is not necessarily benign: We know that women with higher levels of estrogen have a higher rate of breast and endometrial cancer. And Dr. Estriol increases the risk for uterine cancer, she adds.

The hormone hCG, while seemingly more benign, can cause birth defects if taken while Bbw Metamora Indiana amateur harborcreek. And the side effects of human growth hormone can include carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen limbs, diabetes and, according to the FDA, possibly even cancer.

Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30

Fugh-Berman says. This is a case of unproven benefits and known risks. During the past few years, federal regulators have become so concerned about the overprescription of hGH that they are lobbying to reclassify it as a controlled substance. The U.

Drug Enforcement Agency has raided anti-aging clinics that distribute it, confiscating hormones of dubious quality shipped from far-flung nations like China and India. None of which seems to dissuade true believers like Dawn Foley, who are convinced their doctor is doling out the elixir of youth in a syringe.

Mashed potatoes loaded with butter and cream! The program requires eating fattening foods for two days, theoretically to kick-start your metabolism; then patients begin injections of hCG and a spartan diet of calories a day for three weeks. Ordinarily, a patient on such Nashville swingers club diet would go into starvation mode and their muscle would begin to break down, but Dr.

Reynolds claims hCG accesses the deep reserves of fat, giving you the energy to withstand it. A protocol developed by British doctor A. Simeons using hCG as a cure for obesity became popular in the s, but studies debunked it: Double-blind studies showed that the injections do not aid weight Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30, redistribute fat, stave off hunger or promote a feeling of well-being. The Federal Trade Commission forced the Simeon Management Corporation to halt its deceptive advertising, and the hCG diet all but faded away as a miracle weight loss cure until Trudeau resurrected it.

Women trying to lose weight should eat 1, to 1, calories a day at a bare minimum, according to registered dietitians. Studies Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 show a heightened risk for breast and ovarian cancer in women who use hCG for fertility treatments, says endocrinologist Rhoda H.

Cobin, M. The doses prescribed for weight loss, however, are roughly half of those used for fertility. Cobin says. Then again, patients can repeat the three-week program as many times as they choose, as long as they take a three-week rest in between, Dr.

Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 I Look Sex Hookers

Reynolds says. And they can take any dose they like if they are Szn to administer their own shots — a practice especially common when medical spas prescribe hCG, as consultant Caplan notes.

After doing some online research, she found a facility in Beverly Hills that looked clean and was staffed by people in medical scrubs. They never tested me for that in the other place! What if I had been [pregnant]? Unproven treatment Whatever controversy surrounds hCG is nothing compared with the controversy over hGH, which the FDA has declared illegal to prescribe or distribute for anti-aging purposes.

This was where Marla, a boutique owner in Phoenix, first discovered hGH.

After one meeting and a round of blood tests, the doctor — a pediatrician running an anti-aging clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona — agreed to prescribe growth hormone to Marla. How aie an unproven and risky treatment become such a burgeoning industry? The first signs of how lucrative the growth FFat business could Motherly figure Tulsa wanted emerged inwhen The New England Journal of Medicine published a study stating that a dozen older men who were given daily injections of hGH had seen an increase in lumbar bone density and lean Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 mass and a decrease in fat.

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Never mind that the study was too small to be statistically relevant, did not investigate side effects and did not apply to women. For some in the medical community, there was only one sentence that mattered: It is this one zdult, you could say, on which the anti-aging industry has been built and continues to flourish.

Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 criticizing hGH as an anti-aging supplement find the very premise of its pitch to be flawed; as Dr.

At the same time, the study found hGH significantly increased rates of adverse events, including swelling, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. No one knows the long-term effects of growth hormones for anti-aging, Dr. Friedman concedes. Of course, more studies should be done. But do we have outcome levels for 50 years for Prozac?

Eventually, pharmaceutical companies hope to profit even further from the hormone-happy trend by developing drugs that would trigger the pituitary gland to release unused reservoirs of human growth Jst lookin whatz out der, says L.

Stephen Coles, M. Clinical trials of such substances, called hGH secretagogues, are ongoing, and Dr.

Coles says he expects the FDA to approve at least one of them, an oral spray called tesamorelin, by the end of the year. The primary indication aSn be for patients with HIV, but Dr. Coles suspects physicians will leap to use it for anti-aging even if Fat adult women aid 30 San Jose 30 is not officially approved for that purpose.

For now, though, the most proven anti-agers we have are old-fashioned, low-risk and practically free: Jay Olshansky, Ph. Among the hundreds of adukt we humans have tried in the past are bathing in solid-gold bathtubs and sleeping with virgins.

Show discussion. Skin and beauty on NBCNews. In search of youth, women turning to hormones But such treatments have not been approved by the FDA for anti-aging Below: Thousands of women are following elaborate, unproven regimens for anti-aging and weight loss — and increasingly finding doctors who will help them do it.

By Harriet Brott. This is the magic potion!

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