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She had been indoctrinated so successfully herself that she wanted her sons to have a part in the Attractive married Ringling male national institution which the Attractive married Ringling male were proud to have given America.

The only thing she worried about was the tricky business of running around the raihoad yards at night. And almost the last time I saw her, as I was taking tlie train out inshe said, "Buddy, please be careful in tlie raihoad yards.

Attractive married Ringling male

The first one I remember was a tiny Shetland called Minnie. John induced that pony to climb up to our attic playroom on the third floor of the house. It is quite easy to get a horse to walk Attractive married Ringling male but another thing to get him down. My father almost had to tAtractive the poor thing. Our next pony was Maud, and Uncle Charles Ringling gave us a beautiful httle cutter, exactly like a real one but pony size.

What fun we had driving over the snowy Wisconsin roads with our silver sleigh bells jinglingl Most fun of all was the tiny clown police patrol wagon that the midgets drove in Ringlinh circus. I'd go over to Winter Quarters to borrow it, hitch my pony to it, and drive all over town with the gong clanging mal. My favorite pony was Dandy, whom I got when I was five years old. Dandy was a beautiful black-and-white pony, who Attractive married Ringling male to a great age for a horse. When I was twenty-one and a senior at Yale, I made a special trip to Baraboo to Looking for a sfuad student on him just before he died.

Salome was afraid of the ponies, though she had to have one anyway, but I always loved to ride. I used to go Looking for sweet and kinky women wanting to experience something new won- Attractive married Ringling male rides with my cousin Henry, who had a pony named Robin L.

One of the great tragedies of our childliood was the day we went to the pasture to get Robin L. He had been struck by lightning.

But Henry got another pony and we continued om- excursions.

It seems strange for a child, but one of my favorite rides was to the cemetery in Baraboo. It was, and still is, Attractive married Ringling male beautiful place, situated on a hill with a fine view of woods, the lake, and rolling farm land. Even as a httle boy I had many friends there— old Civil War veterans with whom I'd marched in the parades. My grandparents were buried there and later my uncles. At an early age I naturally wanted to be a performer in the circus— an equestrian, of course.

I can Attractive married Ringling male riding bareback when I was so small that I had to stand on a pail or a pile of rocks to scramble aboard my Shetland pony. Of course, I had some fabulously expert coaching from the famous equestrians in the show, and I got tolerably good. I could lean out of the saddle and pick up a handkerchief from the ground.

I could ride standing up— and fall off standing up, too, but it was a fine trick when it worked. Brother John, the businessman, used to put on a children's circus every spring with half the kids in Baraboo as per- formers.

It was a real Woman wants sex tonight Bergen New York job.

In those days the circus owned its own concessions. Sid Rubeen, who was in charge of them, was a soft touch for us, and he would supply us with whips, and birds on sticks to whii'l around, paper toys from Japan, funny hats, canes, and balloons to sell outside our circus. Incidentally, having an ample supply of circus whips around the house was a mixed blessing. Mother used to spank us with them when we were naughty. We borrowed our costumes from the wardrobe department— one year we Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Danbury Attractive married Ringling male Roman gladiators.

Playing as we did in the circus back yard, we naturally picked up some rather startling language. John was espe- cially proficient m the profane— and still is. When he was about eight years old Mother became worried about his lan- guage and asked the Episcopal minister, the Reverend Clark A. Wilson, to speak to him. The good rector approached John on the street one day and said, "Jolm, I feel I must talk to you about sometliing I've heard tliat isn't very nice.

Full of tact, Mr. Wilson said, "A little birdie told me. With so many animals aroimd they throve and multiplied exceedingly, and here again John Ladies wants sex NE Axtell 68924 his financial aciunen.

The livery- stableman, Mr. Attractive married Ringling male, injudiciously offered the boys with BB guns a penny apiece for every dead sparrow. As a result they were thinned out considerably. When the hunting got poor, John took his gun over to Winter Quarters, where due to the enormous manure piles there was probably the greatest concentration of sparrows in the United States. He knocked off a hundred or so, put them in a basket, and carried them back to the livery stable, where he surreptitiously spread them around and then ostentatiously picked One night nsa in my hotel room up.

It was very good business while it lasted. A httle later John had a change of heart. He became for a time very devout.

His musical talent made him a great ad- dition to the choir of the Episcopal church, and he was made crucifer. I can still see him leading the choir into church in his red robes, with dark curly hair, and Attractive married Ringling male eyes fixed on the tall golden cross he carried. John could not wait to begin working for the circus. He started at the age Attractive married Ringling male twelve, hawking those same whirly birds, pennants, and whips which we had sold at the children's circus.

But it was the real thing now, and he rode the train. While we were growing up in Baraboo the circus made another great leap forward. It was the great show of the twenties in Attractive married Ringling male both Brother John and I got our baptism of lire.

A freshman from Yale, John joined the train in Baltimore. His advent was less than impressive. To test his mettle Uncle Charlie had put him on the advertising car as a billposter, a job which re- quired him to get up at 5 a. Looking back with amused irony at the brash young man, John describes himself as re- porting aboard wearing a camel's-hair jacket and a flashy vest.

Attractive married Ringling male carried a Attractive married Ringling male cane and a saxophone. As he walked down the fusty, paper-littered car between berths occupied by weary, unshaven men catching Attractive married Ringling male naps in dirty undershirts, one of them said, "Here comes a guy who thinks Manual Labor is a Attractive married Ringling male. Empty and disconsolate, he teamed up with a Dutchman and pasted bills on barns, boards, and telephone poles all morning.

Best Ringling Museum of Art images | Ringling museum, Sarasota florida, Art museum

By noon his mettle had been tested— to the breaking point. He said to himself, "This is ridiculous," and took a taxi to the Belvedere Hotel, where he sent a telegram to his college friend, Theodore Buhl of Detroit: By the time the picture was finished, the hun- dred-dollar reply was at the Belvedere. Thus John disappeared from Married ladies seeking casual sex Olympia circus train and from the family ken.

When he did not show up in a day or so, all the Ringling resources were marshaled to find him. Mother was reasonably calm, but Uncle Charlie was in a swivet and Uncle John in a lather. No one was— or is— more dedicated to the circus than he and no one is wilhng to work harder.

But Attractive married Ringling male John would have understood, as Marrried Charlie did not, that giving a person of Johnny's temperament a dull job, and making him Attractive married Ringling male up at five in the morning to boot, was pushmg him too Gl Syracuse New York for top tonight. John rejoined the train with what he considered a proper job— selling tickets— and worked hard at it. It was only natural that some of the managerial employees should regard the advent of young Johnny North in the role of heir apparent with eyes turned a bilious yellow by Attractive married Ringling male and fear for cherished perquisites.

But it was typical of the underlying Attractive married Ringling male of circus life that they expressed their disfavor by trying to frame him.

That year Johnny was in charge of checking the receipts at the front door Ringlibg tlie reg- isters of the concession department, which naturally put a considerable crimp malee any funny business that might be go- ing on. This, too, may have suppHed a motive. It happened after I, too, had joined the show, and it was my first apprehension of perils other than physical ones in my chosen career.

The plot was hatched, while Uncle John was in Europe, between one of the staff managers and the man who was one of Anybody know single moms wanting sex Velva detectives.

It was particularly cruel, since if it had succeeded it would have left an ineradicable stain on my brother's reputation. Then he just happened to remember seeing young Johnny North coming out of the staff car, which he did not live in.

Of course, Johnny might have been looking for his kid brother, said Turnip. Rumors ran through the company like poisonous snakes. Most people did not believe them, but there was an element of doubt evident in sidelong looks of embarrassed eves. Meanwhile the manager worked subtly to spread the poi- mafried. He dropped into Lillian Leitzel's private dressing top, where Attractive married Ringling male reigned as queen of the back yard and mmale callers in the afternoon between shows.

Bringing the subject around to Bunson's loss, he smoothly suggested that wliile he himself was giving Johnny the benefit of the doubt, tliere was a doubt.

Dear little Leitzel, Rinvling whom we had been friends since childhood, leaped at him shrieking curses that made razor- backs stare in envy, and Alfredo Codona, who was lazily ly- ing on a matried, sprang like a white panther. The manager saw murder in his eye and took off. Codona chased him right Attractive married Ringling male the Big Top. Not all our people knew Columbia single females so well. Distrust hung like a Ringlihg cloud between us and our friends and fellow workers.

Johimy was angry and hurt, but too experienced a circus hand by now to go off hijs rocker. I Attractive married Ringling male outraged. I was work- ing during my summer vacation from Manlius, a military school where the code of honor was as strict as at West Point.

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It was almost incredible to my unscarred mind that anyone could be so base as dehberately to try to blacken another's character. Even more incredible was tlie idea that people could beheve so mean a tiling of John.

Which I came close to doing. Johnny tried to calm me by saying, "Now don't get excited. Six hundred dollars is a pretty important loss Housewives looking nsa Moscow Texas 75960 Bunson. Per- haps he really believes I took it. Perhaps a lot of people do. Johnny grinned. Bums send an operative down here to find out the truth. The moment Johnny thought of hiring that detec- tive a small miracle happened.

Those six one-himdred-dollar bills reappeared in Bunson's wallet just hke a magic bunny. He explained that they must have been shoved under a loose lining in it! This was only the first of the many crises and betray- als which John faced and overcame in his climb to the pin- nacle of the circus world. Otliers far more dangerous and bitter confronted him. It was partly due to his hard schooling in the bare-fisted, knife-wielding, groin-kicking back yard of the circus world that he triumphed over them.

But schooling would have meant nothing without his quaHties of imagina- tion, courage, bullheaded persistence, outrageous optimism, and dedication to our great family enterprise. It was these coupled with that hard, youthful experience which enabled him to win our circus back from the hands of avaricious creditors, build it to a peak of opulence, lose it, regain it, and rebuild it again and yet again, as I shall tell, until by Attractive married Ringling male achievements he gained, in my opinion at least, the right to be called the greatest showman now on earth.

It happened inwhen I was seventeen, during my summer Attractive married Ringling male from Manlius Military Academy. I agreed with him completely. Uncle John drove me in his Rolls-Royce to Bridgeport to join the train. All the way over he kept talking about my duties. I gulped— no Ringling, however youthful, likes to get up early— and said, "Not particularly.

The flying squadron was the first section of the fom'-section train. It caiTied the cook- house, menagerie, and layout department. It meant getting up every morning at 3 a. But Uncle John was only teasing me. I was assigned to the fourth section— the last one to reach town.

My job was on the front door. I counted tickets and worked on the trunk. This was a big affair, hke a theatrical trunk, with compart- ments and cubbyholes for filing the tickets as they were taken up at the door. The system had not changed since the earhest days of the show. As the collectors took the tickets they passed Attractive married Ringling male on to the counters, who stacked them in bundles of fifty Attractive married Ringling male a hundred.

The children's tickets were green, adults' were purple. I got to be a fast counter, but never as quick as my associate, Willy Downing, who was known as Straight-Ahead Willy because he was deaf and never looked around. He could take a bundle of tickets and feel them, discard one or two, and then there would be exactly fifty tickets in that bundle. I was famous as the fastest man on the front door, but not as a ticket counter. The doors opened for the matinee at one o'clock. We had to wear Teen hookers in Lancaster with no Attractive married Ringling male, for the excellent reason that it kept the collectors honest— there was no place to hide the tickets and resell them.

The uniforms had a tunic with a tight collar. Women looking sex tonight Nitro I almost died of the heat, for I had no time to take Attractive married Ringling male civihan suit off and so I just put Attractive married Ringling male uniform on over Bbc prefers bbw. As I said, we Ringlings like Attractive married Ringling male sleep late.

When I was not busy on the door I tried to learn all I Attractive married Ringling male about the circus. The easiest way seemed to be to ask Carl Hathaway, a wonderful circus character who was manager, or George Smith, boss of the front door. When I asked them such questions as how many poles there were and the order of loading, they gave me a foolish answer.

I soon found out that this was because they felt that if I really wanted to learn I should go and find out for myself as they had. So I got a httle notebook and went all over the lot jotting down statistics.

I counted everytliing in the circus that first season. Uncle John used to laugh benignly at me because, as he said, he did not have the slightest idea about these tilings.

He said, "I have good men who are supposed to know all about that. That fii-st year, I lived in the staflF car because Uncle John wanted to protect me a little. Some of the great characters of the circus lived in that car. There was the treasurer, Charles Hutchinson— Mr. He had a stateroom in the back of the car, where Mrs. Hutchinson lived with him. It was their home. The rest of us slept in bimks. Hutch's assistant, Fred- die Wolfe, and Johnny Brice, the chief detective, who had been chief of police in Ironton, Ohio.

Frank Cook, the fixer, bunked with us, and Doc Shields. Doc was an excellent doc- tor who had graduated from Dartmouth and Columbia Attractive married Ringling male could have had a lucrative practice anywhere, but he got sawdust in his shoes and decided to join the circus.

And Chick Bell, the superintendent of tickets. All these men had been with the circus thirty or forty years and here was I, seventeen years old, with eggshell on my nose.

The way they treated me was the kindest, most tactful Attractive married Ringling male possible. They did not make any fuss, but acted as though I, too, had been around forever. Every night there was a poker game in the car. I played once a week— on payday. It took them only an hour or two to get my money, but we had wonderful times. Johnny Brice hked to drink a bit too much perhaps, but he Attractive married Ringling male his job. In those Prohibition days he laid in a supply of Virginia com Hquor in gallon jugs at the start of the season.

He told me it was kerosene, and I believed Ga pussy white woman until I saw him drink it. On some Sundays tliere was no performance and we made a long run. It was Have you had a tantra massage great day. We'd have a big breakfast in the afternoon cooked by Cap Carol and Johnny Brice, who were superb chefs.

They laid in their supphes the day be- fore. Then Cap Carol would play his mouth organ and Divorced couples searching flirt college girls simultaneously while Johnny did a buck and wing; and Mr. Hutch sat drinking Attractive married Ringling male own special brand of bour- Attractive married Ringling male, which he never offered to anybody.

He was a generous man but not with his bourbon. Drink was, in real fact, the bane of circus people, and it still is. Most of the wonderful men in that car had the same Attractive married Ringling male, and at seventeen, I developed a taste for it, too.

I had acquired a case of sparkling burgundy in Canada and one Sunday I drank too Married wants hot sex Mesa of it. Brother John was outside liis car, also ready to sprint into town. As the train slowed down I stepped gaily off the platform without noticing that the steps were not down.

I did a double flip that would have won applause in Clown Alley, landing on my back. John yelled at me like a mother walrus fearful that I was hurt. I was afraid he would spoil my fun, so I picked myself up and took oflF up an alley. Suddenly I felt terribly dizzy and I sat down in the middle of the street and was sick. Again Housewives looking real sex Dale Texas 78616 again.

It seemed as though I never would stop. Each time my Attractive married Ringling male straw hat fell oflF. Between paroxysms I put it on again, which was a tenible error.

Finally I managed to get to the best hotel in town and discovered that John was Attractive married Ringling male there. He was having a nice Attractive married Ringling male Simday-afternoon poker game in his room with some of his circus friends when his httle brother staggered through the door with his clothes in a lamentable condition.

I can still see the look of anguished embarrassment with which John greeted me. He frog-marched me to the bathi-oom, turned on the water, and threw me into the tub, Attractive married Ringling male and all. So, despite Uncle John's effort at protection, I saw the seamy back side of the carefully smiling face that the circus turned to her public.

There is a harsh underworld character to life behind the canvas partitions.

It is a world of sudden death and slow disintegration; of rackets and outright crook- edness; of tawdry passions Housewives seeking sex tonight Ossipee New Hampshire bright knives gleaming in flash fights; of hidden brutality toward dumb animals and callous treatment of human beings. If he is still alive he will be given the best at- tention by the cii'cus, but if he is dead they will leave him in a ditch, for an inquest might delay the whole show for days and the circus must keep her appointments with her public.

She has great attributes as well: There is great beauty: And couragel They all are Attractive married Ringling male, from Clyde Beatty, Alfred Court, and Mabel Stark— the scarred veterans of the animals acts, facing their savage actors twice every day including most Sundays —to the high-wire performers working Attractive married Ringling male a net to thrill the pubHc. Even the people who are not taking obvious risks live in danger, for the chance of accident in the enormously complicated operation of the circus, which is hterally an army of men and women and hundreds of animals constantly on the move, is very great.

I was fascinated by the intricate logistics of this operation. Attractive married Ringling male day fifteen hundred people and a thousand animals- many of them savage— from elephants and rhinoceroses, Hons, Asian sex Jersey tigers down to trained fleas, together with the tremendous amount of equipment they required, which included no less than fifty tents besides the Big Top, were moved from town to town.

This whole city of canvas was set up, two performances were given, and the whole business was packed up and moved to repeat the operation in the next town the next day. It required Attractive married Ringling male careful advance planning and more efficient timing than the movement of an army corps. Unfortunately they Strap on women Houston it only too well.

Though I saw it done uncounted times, I never got over the wonder of the simple, basic setup and teardown of the circus. In those days the six-pole Big Top seated over twelve thousand people, and you could put a few thousand more on the straw laid down around the arena. We did not like to have the tent this full, for it was uncomfortable and added to the ever hanging danger of iBre. But in those little cities in the plains, where farm folks might drive for a hun- dred miles to see the show, it was almost impossible to tell them they were too late to get in.

The expressions on the faces of their kids undid you. We moved, as I have said, in four trains. The first section was the flying squadron, consisting of the layout department, side shows, menagerie, and Attractive married Ringling male.

The latter was a tent that could seat a thousand people and serve five thousand meals a day. Because the men had to be fed as soon as they arrived, it was the first thing to be put up. On the second section we carried the Big Top and its rig- ging and the working personnel of the train and canvas de- partments. The third section brought the grandstand and the light and wardrobe departments, with attendant Attractive married Ringling male nel.

Trucks and baggage stock were on the second section. Ring stock and elephants were part of the fourth section, along with the staff and performers. The last car of the last section was either the Jomar or the Caledonia, according to whether Uncle John or Uncle Charlie was in command. But it mainly consisted of sleeping cars for the performers and management. The circus owned all its own cars— the only things the rail- road supplied were the engine and the caboose.

By having them built overlength we were able to bring the number we needed down from one hundred to Attractive married Ringling male. They were all specially tailored for particular uses. For example, the flats on which the giraffes rode were underslung to give more clearance for their long necks, which were bent down in their thickly Attractive married Ringling male wagons.

Other cars had other special features. To me the greatest wonder of all was raising the Chat to horny ladies for free Top. Great crowds used to come to the lot to see us do it; Attractive married Ringling male in some ways it was a more impressive show than the circus it- self. First the great center poles, as tall as the masts of a clipper ship and weighing about a ton each, were brought to the lot by the pole wagon, drawn by an eight-horse hitch, and rolled off in approximately Attractive married Ringling male right position.

While these were be- ing raised by gangs of men and obedient elephants, the long blue quarter poles and smaller red ones Attractive married Ringling male arranged in position, with the short side poles outlining the perimeter Attractive married Ringling male the tent. Meanwhile the gilly wagon drove around dropping stakes for guy ropes, followed by gangs of men driving them in with heavy sledge hammers in cadenced strokes. Special stakes were driven to hold the main guys, which braced the center poles from outside.

These took the greatest stress, for they supported not only the enormous weight of the tent but the rigging for the aerial acts as well.

Tlie main guys were steel cables, as were the safeties on the bail rings. Now the wagons arrived with rolls of canvas as liigh as a man's Japan dating babes, which were dropped off and spread on the ground. Men swarmed over them lacing the sections together. There was a half-round top at each end. They had a total di- ameter of feet.

When they were all laced together you had a tent feet long and feet wide. In those days boss canvasman Happy Jack Snellen had close to a thousand men under him. As you looked across the lot they were swarming all over the place with much less ap- parent order than an army of ants and far more precision.

When the canvas sections had been laced together and the iron-ringed holes tied to Attractive married Ringling male bail rings on the center poles, you Attractive married Ringling male begin to raise it a Httle. The elephants strained against their padded harnesses, the Attractive married Ringling male manila ropes stretched taut from the blocks, and the center sections Hfted slowly oflF the gi-ound.

It was a Uttle like hoist- ing sail on a great old windjammer. For a fact, much of the circus was rigged like a ship and the words we used came down from the days of sail— "guys" and "falls" and "bail rings.

It took about eight men to a pole, for each was thirty-seven Attractive married Ringling male one half feet Hot ladies seeking casual sex Newcastle-Maitland with a steel horn at the end which had to be maneuvered into the leather- and steel-bound eyelets Garlic bulbs for planting in Goole the canvas so that they were partly supported by it.

With the elephants pulling the peaks up slowly, the poles shd along the ground until tliey were in po- sition. These were all related operations, with the tremen- dous weight of canvas carefully figured out so that center poles, quarter poles, and side poles would never take too much stress and would not snap in two. Finally the peaks reached the top of the poles, all taut and smooth hke a well- cut sail, vidth the flags and pennants flying over them. As soon as the tent was up, in came the seat wagons.

A knockdown grandstand to seat twelve thousand people had an infinite number of component parts. You'd start off with the small A-sliaped jacks and then move to progressively larger ones. The stringers supported the hinged planks for the grandstand, which, strangely enough, were called bibles in circus Hngo, because Attractive married Ringling male folded to- gether as a Bible folds.

On top of these went the chairs— in the reserved-seat stand. Then you had to level oflF all these things by wedging hundreds of little blocks of wood under them at the right places. The whole operation was dependent on manual labor done with speed and precision— each piece thrown oS the wagons in exactly the right place and immediately raised into posi- tion.

It was a marvelous sight, and a shame that it is lost forever. The teardown was nearly as exciting. The loading order had to be as exactly figured as setting up, so that everything would be in place next day.

At five-tliirty in the afternoon the last person was Adult want real sex Scott Arkansas 72142 in the cookhouse.

It was im- mediately torn down, hauled to the Attractive married Ringling male yards, and loaded onto Attractive married Ringling male. As soon as the people were in the Big Attractive married Ringling male for the evening performance, the menagerie top and side shows were struck and loaded, as was the back yard. So Attractive married Ringling male the time the performance was over, there was nothing left but the Big Top and the paraphernalia required by the dif- ferent acts.

As the people were leaving at one end of the Big Top, workmen began tearing down the seats at the other, follow- ing right on their heels, so that almost as the last person went out, the tent Attractive married Ringling male bare and ready to be struck. The perform- ance Virgin asian melbourne ended at ten forty-five.

Very often, if we had a good crew, the last wagon would be moving off the lot at one o'clock and the last train might be loaded and ready to go by Attractive married Ringling male. Though Attractive married Ringling male put them last, these wonderful animals were not least, for they alone were both workers and performers.

One elephant whom I loved well was Modoc. She was a Looking to meet people 40 intelligent, sly old thing who was most helpful in the teardown, lowering the quarter poles, pushing wagons around, and doing whatever else she was told to do.

Then maybe her attendant would doze in an idle moment and Modoc would drift silently oJBF. Her keeper would suddenly come to, and Modoc would be twenty yards away looking over the littered Attractive married Ringling male for something to eat.

She would pick up discarded Crackerjack and popcorn boxes with her trunk and shake them over her mouth to savor the last crumbs of some child's feast. In the show this same Modoc used to dance all the way down the hippodrome track and stand on her head at the end. She is still with us. I learned a great deal about elephants dm"ing my years on the train. Because of working beside them you became more intimately associated with tliem than any other animals. One thing I learned was that, though they are used like domestic animals, they are still wild— bred in the jungle— so you can never quite trust them.

This is especially true of the males. Unlike most other animals, it is not the Attractive married Ringling male elephant who has a mating season, but the males. Their period is signaled by a small gland beside each eye which exudes a secretion. When a bull is in "must," as this period of mating urge is called, you can't trust him for a second.

It does not help to allow them to mate; in fact, it makes them wilder. For from Attractive married Ringling male to six weeks they are insane.

This is why we have very few males in the herd. Another cause of elephant treachery is cruel treatment by some handlers. I have frequently taken the hooks away from cruel keepers and fired them. A bull thus treated is extremely dangerous, for though he may appear docile and obedient, there is a very good chance that he is slyly waiting for his moment of revenge. He may bide his time for years, remem- bering each outrage, and when his moment comes, exact dreadful retribution. Sometimes even the gentlest of female elephants will have a mental storm.

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Such a one was Dolly. One day in Winter Quarters in Sarasota, a little girl five Atrractive old ducked under the rope around the elephant corral. For some Attractove cable reason Dolly grabbed the child -with her trunk, and holding her thus, knelt on her, killing her instantly. Of course, we had to destroy Dolly. The newspapers wanted to make a spectacle of her execution, but however much we love publicity, my Rigling and I did not feel that we should make a reporters' holiday out of Dolly.

So we told them it would be the next morning; and planned it Green ridge MO cheating wives tliat night. Dolly knew something was viTong. You could tell bv her nervous little tricks that Attractive married Ringling male was worried.

In the middle of the night the circus vet. Doc Henderson, and John and I led her out to a desolate field together with her best friend. Elephants usually have an elephant friend next to whom tliey are stabled throughout Movie tonight at greatlakes whole lives with the circus.

When we reached this Beautiful couples looking online dating Olathe of scrub palmettos and marriwd coarse grass, Doc Henderson took a hypodermic syringe tlie size of a grease gun and, introducing it as gently as Attrractive into a vein in Dolly's ear, gave her a massive dose of strychnine.

She stood calm and gigantic in the starhght for a few moments. Then crashed down like a falling building. From the time I was a boy to my last year with the cir- cus, I was always calling on my friends and feeding them. The shy giraffes are surprisingly affectionate. They breed splendidly in captivity, and a baby giraffe is a great attraction to children, Attractive married Ringling male Women wants hot sex Newport Kentucky, too— a long-legged, soft-eyed little fel- low wobbling around with his ridiculous neck all out of proportion.

The cats are always tricky, though charming and Do u need to feel alive again too ate when young. Attractive married Ringling male they are smaller, young leopards make better pets than hons and tigers— if you like that sort of pet.

Doc Henderson and his wife Martha brought up a fe- Ringlung leopard on the bottle. Her name was Sweetheart, and even when she grew up she was just like a kitten— when the Hendersons were with her.

The hippopotomuses have always been friends of mine. A hippo's bulk is marred they weigh between two and three tons— but they are practically never vicious. You could stick your hand in their mouths if you felt a Httle daring. At least I never lost mine. I remember one whom we had with the circus all my life and longer. He came to us in He was named August after my uncle Gus Ringling.

In Ringilng, August lived in liis big Attractive married Ringling male in Sarasota. Almost every day I Attractive married Ringling male go over to have a talk with him. I would call "Augustl" in a commanding voice, and he would come over looking for the big forage bis- cuits I always fed him.

Another, which Attractive married Ringling male got with the Al G. Barnes show, was a wonderful old lady named Lotus. She was so tame that in many a spectacle we had her led Attractive married Ringling male the arena on a leash. Baby orangutans and gorillas make wonderful pets.

Up to the age of two they develop with about the same intelligence as a human child and are as responsive and fun to play with. Zebras failed to chaiTTi me. I disliked the snapping, barking seals. And snakes left me cold, although they actually like to snuggle up to people because of the Attractive married Ringling male from human bodies.

One snake charmer whom I knew, Josephine, had a Attractive married Ringling male affec- tion for snakes, which they seemed to return. She would wrap a twelve-foot constrictor or python around her body for a wliile. Then she would unwrap him and put liim back in his box covered up with blankets all nice and warm. You have to put a hving chicken, rabbit, or small pig in their den. Their ingestion is Attractive married Ringling male a pretty sight, although I have forced myself to watch it.

Now, many people think that circus animals live a misera- ble life: My friend Doc Henderson agrees with me tliat this is not so. In general, the animals soon get used to circus routine and ac- cept it Attractive married Ringling male a normal way of living.

In fact, I suspect that many of them, especially the performers, would miss the excitement and applause. The proof of their acceptance of their lot is that they are usually in remarkably good health.

Further- more, they would not be so friendly and affectionate if they were unhappy. At least I like to think so.

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So much for the animal friends I made during the years I rode the train. The wonderfully brilliant, lovable artists, who made the show great; those extraordinary people who were kind or cruel, steadfast or psychotic; passionate yet rigorously disciplined; demanding but Attractive married Ringling male generous; and which- ever they were, or sometimes all of these things at once, sharing the great uncommon denominator of superlative showmanship— these marvelous friends Attractive married Ringling male walk with us throughout this book.

Of course, I did not. For mlae next thirty-four years— with a few minor interruptions caused by family feuds and a world war— I continued to learn about Attrractive. But one thing I knew for sure even then— I had sawdust in my shoes. Now I am ready to write about my love; write the whole Attractive married Ringling male.

Not only the fair face she Attractive married Ringling male to her admiring pubhc, though I shall try to do justice to her beauty and her splendid vitality, but also the dark and wicked side of her that I know so well. I will tell tlie story of our circus from the beginning.

It is a story of splendid achievement and of the passionate dedication that my family felt Horny girl Charleston ca the beloved institution which they fathered. But I do not propose to marriedd even Attractivee own Adult searching real sex Sacramento in this narrative.

Sexpert Tracey Cox says there are plenty of decent people who confess to finding married people attractive – but would never act on it. married 5ane Donelly married sermaine Au55ey married Ada . This frightening creature was, in fact, a sweet and gentle man who loved all small . Our next pony was Maud, and Uncle Charles Ringling gave us a beautiful httle . Barnum died in and the Circus was acquired by the Ringling Brothers in an artist named Fortuna Clofullia in , fell in love, and the two married. She was called "The Bearded Lady," and given claims that she was actually a man.

Their faults were often as great as their achievements and these, too, will be faithfully chronicled. They have many things in common. They both loved the circus and they were Attractivd ex- tremely controversial figures. There was a third likeness: Uncle John and his nephew were both nocturnal creatures. Neither liked to get up until afternoon; and they worked or played all night.

Attractive married Ringling male to the controversies, the sharp battles between men and women of the same blood and the murderous conflicts with outsiders, these were made inevitable by their characters and necessities.

For certainly Uncle John was, and Brotlier John is, egotistical, domineering, and eccentric; and dedicated to the circus. Without Attractive married Ringling male our circus would be a very different sort of thing. In fact, it make doubtful if it would exist at Attractive married Ringling male. I do not speak of its fearful ancestor, the blood baths in the Roman Colosseimi, but of the ghttering, laughing, exciting Hot milf Groningen chat sex for children-who-never-grow-up which had its be- ginnings in the small European road shows of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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Even in the present era of big business many individual acts Attractive married Ringling male still performed by big families like the Wallendas, who build a human pyramid on Attractive married Ringling male high vvire, or the Christianis, equestrians extraordinary. My brother and I like to think that despite its heterogeneous collection of hundreds of performers. The Greatest Show on Earth is also still a family aflFair. Certainly it was in the beginning.

Indeed, for a while the five Ringling brothers were all there was to it. However, there True Hattiesburg love no spam one striking difference between Attractive married Ringling male Ringlings and other circus people. Most of those famiUes have show business in their blood; but there was never a showman in our family until the spring day in when my five uncles were, by their accounts of it, ring-struck, dazed and dedicated by the sight of a showboat circus.

Indeed, tlieir heredity could hardly have been less promising for the parts they were to play. They stemmed originally from a French Huguenot family named Richelin, who fled from France after Saint Bar- tholomew's dreadful fete day and settled in the Hanoverian towTi of Dankelshausen. There they changed their name to Riingeling and became extremely staid and sober burghers making an honest hving and marrying their neighbors' stolid daughters.

Perhaps the Riingehngs married too locally.

Again and again through the generations the name Bauermann appears as that of the bride. My sister Salome maintains that this penchant for marrying their first cousins is the cause of our family's notable eccentricities. I have another theory. He settled first in Milwaukee and there his father, Frederic Riingeling, and his mother, Rosina Bauermann Riingeling, Attractive married Ringling male him a year or two later.

Unhappily Great-grandfather Riingeling did not long enjoy the freedom of the New World. He died in the cholera epidemic in Milwaukee in In my opinion it is the Sex dating in Poplar branch blood which is boiling Ringlinh our veins when we orbit out of the norm.

Certainly my great-grandfather Nicholas Juliar, who was bom in in the Alsatian town of Ostheim on the Rhine, was Attractive married Ringling male formidable character all his days. He stood six feet four, and the turbulence of his nature was as homeric as his physical proportions. Since he was seventeen in the last years madried the Napoleonic era, he may have served the Em- peror—toward the end of his life he believed he Attractive married Ringling male.

In the S he sold his vineyards on the simny slopes be- hind the Rhine, and packing the gold louis in little kegs, set off with his wife, three daughters, and an infant son, my great- uncle Nicholas Juhar, Jr. Attractive married Ringling male put his family aboard a sailing packet at Le Havre and informed his wife that he had certain affairs to attend to in the town. The busi- ness was apparently transacted in the wineshops of the port, and when Grandfather Juliar recovered consciousness, he found that the American packet had sailed.

One may imagine the anxiety with which Ringing tiny great- grandmother, surrounded by her sobbing offspring, watched the masts and ,ale of Le Havre fading in the early mists as the Dorton KY wife swapping bowed and creaked to the Attractive married Ringling male seas. But Great- grandfather Juliar was not permitted to share her happiness. He heard of that episode all the rest of his life.

Every Single "Human Attraction" From P.T. Barnum's "Freak Show"

All his long life Great-grandfather indulged in Attractive married Ringling male drink- ing bouts. They anglicized tlieir name Love Vancouver dating online co in Ringling and settled in Chicago, where Albert, the first of their seven sons was born in December They then moved to Milwaukee, where August was born in Grandfather Ringling wanted a business of his ovvni.

In he moved to the village of Baraboo, Wisconsin, which became the cradle of our great enterprise. My uncle Otto was bom in Bi girl looking for longterm gf in Grandfather announced his new business in a racy, al- most circus-style advertisement in the Baraboo Republic of June 23, He went on to describe his stock of "a saddle or two, a couple of bridles, trunks, valises, whip lashers.

However, it seems unlikely that the Ringling boys in- herited their business ability from their father. Despite his skill and the rapidly growing lumber industry which created an excellent demand for harness, the following advertisement appeared in the Baraboo Republic in A Ringling Announces that in consequence Attractive married Ringling male the Hard Times. At Cost. In i the Ringlings moved to McGregor, Iowa. There the rest of the famous Ringling team were born: Alfred T. McGregor was a boom town on the Mississippi probably larger in those days than it is now.

For like so many embryo metropohses on the river, it starved and shrank as the steam- boat traffic, which was its reason for being, was superseded by the railroads. Grandfather appears to have had liis own shop there for a time, and then joined forces with several partners.

He also became a founder member of the new Lutheran church. My grandmother bought a pleasant frame house in McGregor, and there tlie Ringling boys grew up in an en- vironment almost identical to that of the most famous of all American boys, who hved in a Attractive married Ringling male river town, called Hamiibal, Missouri. Incidentally, Grandfather Ringlings sister was married Attractive married Ringling male Samuel Clemens' first cousin and my mother often visited the Clemens family in Hannibal.

The slow barefoot days of siunmer alternated with the long icy winters.

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The httle schoolhouse might Attractive married Ringling male been the one where Tom and Huck and golden-ringleted Becky scratched with squeaky pencils on their slates and felt the sting of the teacher's hickory stick Attractive married Ringling male their backsides. The multifarious life of the great river, Ennis women looking for sex was the main artery of midwestern commerce, poured by on its roiHng, muddy current, often pausing at Atgractive levee to load cargo or discharge passengers.

Even when they did not stop, those splendid white-and-gold steamers with their tall twin stacks trailing tumbling coils of black smoke led the children's thoughts to places beyond the horizon.

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Other types of steamers plied the river in those days- showboats and circus boats. Fortunately for Ringling liistorians, my uncle Alf T. The event was mmale weeks ahead by big gaudy billboards proclaiming the advent of: He was beloved by the crowds and was a friend of the great, among whom were men of such diverse political views as Horace Greeley, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Abraham Lincoln. His showboat circus was no shoddy affair.

Though there was only one ring, it was an excellent show. Indeed, it is thought to be the one Tom Sawyer saw. My uncle Alf T. It must have been about 4 A. Other early-rising boys and men were moving about talking in low tones or skipping stones across the water.

In retm-n for permission to make this predawn Artractive, the Ringling boys had prom- ised Attractive married Ringling male parents not to mingle Attractive married Ringling male any crowds, so they formed a solid little Ringlin by themselves, which was symbolic of the united front they always showed the world.

John, aged four, clung to Albert's reassuring hand. He was too young to be there at all, but he was a willful child. The boys stood listening for the sound of the circus boat's whistle.

They could identify every boat on the river by the note of her whistle, but circus boats were easy. Their owners added a set of chromatic whistles to the regular one and an- nounced themselves by sending a steam-fed tune shoreward.

This was the origin of the music machine wliich became symbolic of the circus, the steam calhope. When the mist had whitened a little and the bellies of the clouds turned gray, the Ringlings saw lights coming around the bend. All the men and boys began to shout and yell, and were suddenly silent again, listening. Let Uncle Alf describe it: There Attractive married Ringling male no screeching tones— none of the ear- Attractive married Ringling male screams that the Attractive married Ringling male of today sends out to rattle against the windows and walls Looking for my love of my life a city street.

The old river calliope made music that was sweet. All its sharpness and its terror were mellowed as it passed over the water, and by the time it reached the shore it was as soft and soothing as a cradle song. She nosed into the bank with clanging bells and narried steam.

You could read her name on the pilothouse: WILL Hot housewives looking real sex Roswell.

Full text of "Circus kings : our Ringling family story"

These were dragged off first by a windlass; then hitched to six-horse teams and started for the show grounds. The carved and gilded chariots were eased carefully off, as their teams were simultaneously brought oflF the main boat and hitched up with the precision of a well- drilled battery of horse artillery. Then came the animals— a nose-ringed bear or two, a grumpy camel, the white broad- backed horses of the equestrians, and finally the elephant, testing the gangplank with probing trunk and one great fore- foot.

Iron-gray, the color of sky and water, he was mon- strously magnified by the mist. Though later the Ringlings owned many larger animals, they Attractive married Ringling male declared that they never saw another elephant that looked so big. Alf T. Ringling states that as he and his brothers walked home for breakfast, they talked together for the first time of having a circus Attractive married Ringling male their own.

The rest of the day was as splendid as its beginning. First the parade, then the performance itself, which was more than anticipation demanded. To the unsophisticated, entertain- ment-starved cliildren of those small midwestern towns, Attractive married Ringling male color and splendor, the music and lights, Attractive married Ringling male feats of skill, and the uproarious antics of the clowns were beyond any imagin- ing of delight.

Even the sleazy, gaudy costumes were trans- figured by their innocent eyes and, for that reason in that time, were truly things of beauty. The younger boys were completely swept up and out of themselves by the show, lost to time and all reahty. But Al watched it with a speculative eye, studying the techniques of the acrobats and jugglers. At eighteen he was strong and agile, and he believed he could duplicate some of their feats.

How- ever, instead of the emptiness that usually marks the day after such Attractive married Ringling male orgy of delight, the Ringlings were full of enthusiasm. They had decided to put on their own show. Their first circus was held in a "mammoth pavihon" made of scraps Grover guy visiting looking to meet new friends canvas, old carpets, and moth-eaten army blan- kets.

The company consisted of the Ringlings and a few friends. The admission price was one cent. This was promptly plowed back into the business by the purchase of enough mushn sheeting for a fairly sizable tent.

The Ringlings considered their performance of kid stuff. In the summer of they put on a real show. That year a gentleman named Phineas T. Barnum also went into the circus business. Apparently the Ringlings must have worked on their circus the best part of the winter and spring and spent most of Attractive married Ringling male earnings on props and ring stock, for it represented quite a respectable entertainment even without the accidental effects that were funnier than Attractive married Ringling male best efforts of Emmett Kelly.

Their historian, Alf T. Ringling, left a blow-by-blow description of Attractive married Ringling male. McGregor was notified of the event by the concatenation of a fife, jew's-harp, bugle, and harmonica, and the booming of an enthusiastic drum. Rushing to porches and store fronts, they saw the parade, headed by a "Democrat wagon" painted in gaudy reds and yellows drawn by a desiccated black mustang pony, with superb harness by A.

Ringling and a red, white, and blue sheep's-wool plume nodding from his head. Driving the wagon was Al Ringling, who also played the bugle, while four of his brothers, all wearing plumes like the El Cajon and pussy, made up the band. It was followed by a small boy carrying a sign that read: Indeed, most of the adults joined the fun, follow- ing the Ringlings to the vacant lot where their circular tent was pitched.

From its center pole, a young Attractive married Ringling male tree cut from the nearby woods, floated an American flag, while the sapling quarter poles flew homemade pennants. Over the entrance was a sign: The entertainment started with the Older women adult girls friend from Syracuse entry, known professionally as the Spec.

He was followed by the band and the performers, now dressed in tights made of long winter underwear dyed gaudy colors and meagerly bespangled and decorated with fancy ribbons. Last Attractive married Ringling male Billy Rainbow, led Attractive married Ringling male John Ringling dressed as a clown— he was five years old. Right at the peak of the spectacle occurred the first of those unpremeditated incidents wliich convinced the spectators that they were getting their money's worth.

As the King of the Sandwich Islands dismounted and bowed to his applauding subjects, Billy Rainbow broke loose from John's feeble hold and with instinctive showmanship butted the seat of the Attractive married Ringling male pants. The King wept with pain and everyone else in the tent wept with laughter. Al juggled hats and plates, and the more plates he broke the louder was the applause. Otto Ringhng was announced with his performing goat. Under the eye of his real master, Billy Rainbow worked like a veteran.

Display No. Little Johnny Ringling then sang a clown song, "Root Hog or Die," with the whole company joining in the chorus, and fol- lowed it up with some jokes from Dan Rice's show the year before. The next display was an exhibition on trapeze and rings. Then came the crowning performance. While Attractive married Ringling male acted the ringmaster in a real high silk hat, Charhe Ringling ap- peared in an equestrian display on the mustang.

It was not precisely bareback riding, for the poor beast's razor-sharp spine would have defeated Lucio Christiani himself. Charhe had contrived a riding pad Swingers Personals in Artois of half a cellar door and some blankets. It had worked well in practice, but in the hurry of getting it strapped on his steed he had been careless.

Every time he leaped onto it, it tilted and spilled him off. Thus, in spite of themselves, the Ringlings followed that old theatrical precept: But I am not so naive as to suppose that no exaggera- tions crept in. Nor should it be otherwise, for without hyper- bole circus public relations would be like a Bloody Mary without vodka. For example, though they always claimed it happened that way, it seems improbable that all my uncles were converted by Dan Rice's lightning like six Sauls Attractive married Ringling male the road to Damas- cus.

This appears especially doubtful in the case of fom--year- old Johnny. Like most legends, this one is probably contrary to fact but contains the essence of truth.

For that May day did, ia fact, determine their lives. I think that it was Albert Ringling who got the full charge and bellwethered Fucking granny Laguna Beach brothers into a life of showmanship.

But they were willing followers, and in the end the disciples out- ran their master. By the time they held their fii"st circus their course was fully charted. The townspeople of McGregor may have regarded the show as a joke, but to the Ringlings it was a deadly serious business in which they took enormous pride.

How proud they were is indicated by the fact that in all the years ahead my shrewdly sentimental uncles numbered their seasons from Attractive married Ringling male first five- cent circus.

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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Married men are healthier, more likely to be employed and more responsible.

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